How to claim tariff refund?

Charged expensive tariff on your goods arrival?

 - No worries, we will refund it to you!


Things to prepare;

①Evidence of the tariff charge

e.g. the invoice from the custom, the receipt for the paid tariff.


②Valid bank account

We will bank-transfer with TransferWise.

In many cases, the transaction is done within your country, therefore your bank is not necessarily able to receive oversea currencies. 


*We basically deposit funds through Transferwise. 

1st step


Please e-mail us the scanned evidence such as the invoice of the tariff charge.


2nd step

We will ask you what kind of bank details (e.g account number/ name/ swift code etc.) is required to send the fund to your country.




3rd step

Please provide us the required information.


 You will receive the fund soon.