Shinobue flute


Shinobue flute is made by bamboo and has strong clear sound. The tone range is from the lowest #2 choushi(調子)to the highest #12 choushi.


If you hesitate over which tone to choose, #6 or #7 would be suitable as they have standard body thickness and pitch. 


 *Please note; our shinobues are designed as Kotencho(古典調)which are not exactly match to other instruments such as piano and guitar.


The plastic fue is low priced and designed to produce sound easy; therefore it could be a good option for your first fue.


Bamboo fue (Shishida)

You can select the number of finger holes from 7 finger holes or 6 finger holes as well as the tone. The price is the same. 7 holes are usually the standard whereas some people demand 6 holes for specific purpose, such as specific ohayashi, or following the tradition within the team.


All bamboo fue here are Shishida(獅子田).

[#2 choushi]          JPY 21,450


[#3 choushi]        JPY 16,720


[#4 choushi]           JPY 14,080


[#5 choushi]           JPY 12,320


[#6 choushi]      JPY 10,120

*No.1 popular


[#7 choushi]         JPY   9,460


[#8~12 choushi]  JPY   8,600


* Please select either 7 finger holes or 6 finger holes when you order.

Plastic fue (Doushi)

They are toned to produce ABC tone; therefore match to instruments such as piano and guitar. 

*7 finger holes only


[#7 choushi]  JPY   1,980


[#8 choushi]  JPY   1,980

Fue case

[Fue case]      JPY 15,000

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