Shime Daiko/締太鼓

Shime daiko are small taiko that produce a high pitched sound. You can adjust the pitch by tightening and loosening the rig. There are 3 different tightening rigs, rope, turnbuckles, and bolts.


You have a variety of options for the skin thickness. Namitsuke is the thinnest and often is used for Ohayashi and Buyou, and 4 chogake is the thickest that can be used to constantly produce a high pitched sound.  



- Body Material : Keyaki


- Strong, Thick body


- Skin: Japanese cowhide


- Made in Japan


-International shipping with JP post EMS


Rope rig shime

- Hard to tighten

- Produce the clearest sound


Turnbuckles rig shime

- The easiest to tighten

- Produce clear sound

Bolt rig shime

- Easy to tighten

- Heaviest weight

- No.1 popular

Shime Skin

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