[ Stick grip chappa ]

[ Ring grip chappa ]

Chappa is a set of small cymbals.  Usually they are used as a pair to make them resonant or mute. After training you will be able to make a range of sound.


You can choose either stick grip chappa or ring grip chappa. For a stick grip chappa, a wooden stick is attached for your grip, whereas a ring is attached to a ring grip chappa to get your finger through.

[     ] is the diameter of the chappa

Stick / Ring

[4 sun    *12.1cm/4.7inches         

JPY 10,890 


Ring only

[4.5 sun *13.6cm/5.3inches       

JPY 12,650


Stick / Ring

[5 sun    *15.1cm/5.9inches       

 JPY 13,400


Stick / Ring

[6 sun    *18.1cm/7.1inches]     

JPY 16,940



[7 sun    *21.2cm/8.3inches]       

JPY 29,590



[7 sun    *21.2cm/8.3inches]       

JPY 28,490



Atarigane is also called Chanchiki. With its very high pitched sound, it gives momentum to your performance.


Please note; Shumoku (bachi for atarigane) is sold seperately.


[ Atarigane (Chanchiki) ]

[     ] is the diameter of the atarigane

[4 sun    *12.1cm/4.7inches JPY 11,550


[4.5 sun *13.6cm/5.3inches JPY 13,200


[5 sun    *15.1cm/5.9inches JPY 15,950


[5.5 sun *16.6cm/6.5inches JPY 23,100


[6 sun    *18.1cm/7.1inches]  JPY 36,300


[6.5 sun *19.7cm/7.7inches JPY 47,300


[7 sun    *21.2cm/8.3inches]  JPY 51,700


[8 sun    *24.2cm/9.5inches]  JPY 72,600 


[9 sun  *27.2cm/10.7inchesJPY 115,500 


Shumoku is bachi for Atarigane, whose top is made by a piece of deer horns.

 [Shumoku ]


[Small]      JPY   2,200


[Medium]  JPY   2,310


[Large]      JPY   2,420



Naruko is used in Yosakoi dance.

It used to be used to drive away wild birds that attacked crop fields.

JPY 1,760 (a pair)

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