Ho bachi


Ho is a relatively soft material that is good for your budget.

It is widely used for open workshops and music classes that many beginners and intermediates are involved with.



For playing nagado daiko

*good for any styles, most suitable for hira-uchi (fuse-uchi)

[H-1]  JPY 2,090

Length 424mm / Bottom 30mm thick / Top 30mm thick 


[H-1 small]  JPY 1,980

Length 375mm / Bottom 28mm thick / Top 28mm thick


[H-2]  JPY 1,650

Length 335mm / Bottom 27mm thick / Top 27mm thick


[H-3]  JPY 1,430

Length 335mm / Bottom 21mm thick / Top 21mm thick


[H-4]  JPY 1,980

Length 375mm / Bottom 24mm thick / Top 24mm thick

For playing katsugi-okedo


[H-5]  JPY 2,090

Length 410mm / Bottom 21mm thick / Top 21mm thick  


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