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Our mission is to encourage and support international taiko groups by providing easy accesses to made-in-Japan taiko gears.


Even though I am born Japanese, I started taiko in New Zealand at the age of 19. As my passion towards taiko grew bigger and bigger, I needed more taiko gears. However, I found it inconvenient and expensive to import taiko products from Japan, and thought it was going be one of my life-missions to help people in the same situation.


In order to pursue the mission,


- Tariff will be refunded if you are charged. Please refer to [Claim tariff refund]

- Made-in-Japan products with reasonable price 

- Secured payment through Square(Credit card agency) and Transferwise (Bank deposit service)


I hope we could help you find what you need here.


Gen Maehara



Ina city, Nagano, where I live.