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Gen Maehara



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Gen Maehara

Living In Ina, Nagano.


Taiko lecturer for 5 years

Taiko builder for 5 years

Taiko player for 9 years 


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Nagado (Miya) Daiko




-Nagado daiko-


Nagado Daiko Stand








-Yagura stand-

Shime Daiko




-Shime daiko-



Shime Daiko Stand




-Low stand-


-High stand-



Okedo Daiko




-Okedo daiko-



Okedo Stand/ Strap




-Okedo stand-


-Shoulder strap-








*No.1 Popular







Shinobue Flute




-Bamboo fue-


-Plastic fue-


-Fue case-













Tabi (Performing shoes)




-Navy tabi-


-White tabi-